Painting with the Paint Gripper – easy and safe

The PaintGripper is a unique and simple tool to do your painting simple, convenient and professional. Its unique strong suction and its many features makes the PaintGripper the innovation of the private and professional painter. The two strong suction cups with a capacity of 10 Kg will suck the PaintGripper onto any flat non-porous surface. The many tests under the toughest conditions have shown that the PaintGripper is safer than any other solution. Push the PaintGripper against the surface and put down the two levers. The PaintGripper is fixed and stays fixed as long as you are painting. When you want to go to another place, hold the PaintGripper, put the two levers up and suck it somewhere else and it is fixed again.

The Paint Gripper will keep everything safely and near

The PaintGripper has a unique scraping tool to scrape off excessive paint from your brush.

You not have to scrape your brush on the rim of your paint can anymore. The PaintGripper prevents dirty hands which are covered with paint when closing the dirty cover of the paint can. Also, the PaintGripper is equipped with two brush holders to be able to clamp multiple brushes. In addition, the PaintGripper is equipped with some holes to put in / hold the small brushes (for fine work).


With the firm handle, you only need one hand to take the PaintGripper and move to the area where you want to paint. Your other hand is free so it is finally safe to climb up a ladder! And of course, you keep your hands clean also…. The PaintGripper can be used with the most common paint cans in the world. Made for paint cans up to 1 liter with a diameter of maximum Ø110 mm, so it is unique in its kind.

Easy, Safe en Professional!