Paint EASY and SECURE with your hands free

When you’re painting the greatest fear is that the paint can will fall off the ladder or you will get with paint smeared hands. In many cases you are not be able to store the piant can so you no longer have your hands free to hold the ladder. The paint also always dripping down the paint can and ultimately you have more time engaged in safety and cleaning than with painting.

That’s over now: using the PaintGripper, with its unique suction pads with a capacity of more than 10 kg (when mounted),  is the solution to these problems and many more ………

``..The PaintGripper is unique and essential to do your paintjob ..``Rob van Helden

``..Sooo simple but also very handy .. !!!``Angelique de Jonge


 Easy to use



With a carrying capacity of more than 10 KG (!) the PaintGripper has no problem to bear a full paint can with two suction cups. The PaintGripper is easy and safe with secure suction against any smooth, non-porous surface, allowing your hands to be completely free to do the paintjob safe.

When there is no possibility to suck the paint Gripper against any surface, the PaintGripper can always simply be put down stable. The PaintGripper is specifically designed to be able to be of great value in both situations. He is not only safe, but also multifunctional!


If the surface is flat and  not porous, the PaintGripper can also be used on wood or plastic, for example panels for wall cladding and fences. This is demonstrating once again the versatility of the PaintGripper.

Anyone who paints has experienced how dangerous it is to carry a paint can when climbing a ladder. With the firm and stable grip of the Paint Gripper, you only need one hand to grab and carry the PaintGripper before going to the area you want to paint. Your other hand is free, so it is finally safe to climb up a ladder! And of course, you also keep your hands clean ….

Also, the PaintGripper is equipped with two brush holders, which can hold multiple brushes. In addition, the Paint Gripper is equipped with some holes to store some small brushes (for fine work).


Finally solved: no dirty hands when painting and when closing the paint can

The PaintGripper has a unique scraping tool to scrape off excessive paint from your brush. You don’t need to scrape your brush among the edge of your paint can which prevents dirty hands when the lid is closed on the paint can.

After painting, the control and finishing blemishes. However, it happens often that, after a week, some spots need to be reworked. Due to safety you need to place a scaffold again, but nowe you are happy to have the PaintGripper. There are countless situations to see the benefits of the PaintGripper for both private and professional painters. The PaintGripper therefore should not be missing when you begin your paintjob !!

The Paint Gripper just make sure that you deliver a clean, safe and professional result